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Marcus Jordan Truly Excelled In Basketball

June 04, 2015
Not many people could grow up as the son of Michael Jordan. His competitiveness is legendary and it did not stop when Michael Jordan played his son Marcus in one-on-one games. In fact, the last time they played basketball was when Marcus Jordan was sixteen. He won a game, for the first time ever, and his father immediately started a new game—which he promptly won—and then quit. They have never played since. While this might seem ungenerous to many, it is a sign of the competitive nature that Marcus Jordan received from his father, who is after all one of the greatest living sportsmen.

Marcus Jordan excelled in basketball and he truly enjoyed it all well. He played at a very high level in high school, attending Whitney Young Magnet High School and bringing the school to the Illinois 4A State Championship in his senior year. This was the school's best ever season and Marcus Jordan is proud to have been a part of it. He would eventually join the University of Central Florida, where he played basketball for three seasons. Today, he is a businessman who is very involved in the fashion and apparel industry.